Craig Kelly Keeps Blocking People On Twitter For Roasting A Photo Of Him Reading ‘1984’

Oh, you love ‘1984’? Name every character.

Craig Kelly 1984

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Craig Kelly appears to have read the Sparksnotes synopsis of 1984 and cherrypicked key themes of the book for his Twitter.

The MP responsible for spam texting everyone during lockdown posed with a crisp, clearly unread, copy of Orwell’s classic on Monday.

“I always keep a copy of George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 close by,” he tweeted. “Shows what happens when Big Govt control our lives with coercion & all the techniques of a totalitarian regime.”

1984 is a warning for us,” he continued, echoing every Year 11 English paper for the last 70 years.

The renowned text explores a dystopian future where an omnipresent dictator leadership watches the every move of civilians and punishes anyone who doesn’t toe the regime’s line.

With a few select quotes that may or may not have been copied and pasted from the internet, Kelly opened himself up for some easy target responses. He went on an immediate blocking spree against people replying with the loopholes in his correlation, including that George Orwell was a socialist, that the snapped book spine gives off the energy of picking a random page in the middle, and the fact that Kelly continually spews out COVID misinformation to build distrust against medical officials.