We Counted All The Snakes In Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Because We Hate Ourselves

It took a very long time.

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This morning, Taylor Swift released the video for her new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and promptly broke the internet. There’s a lot to unpack in the clip: Shakespearean allusions, car crashes, zombies, diamonds galore, and blatant references to every single beef that Taylor has had and is likely to have in her entire life. There are also snakes…lots, and lots, of snakes.

So many snakes, in fact, that we couldn’t resist doing a little analysis.

We went through ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ frame by frame to pick up every serpent we could find, allowing us to conclusively answer the question no one’s asking: exactly how many snakes are there in the new Taylor Swift video?

If you can count a different number of snakes to our obviously incredibly accurate number, let us know. See you in the comments!

Is this scene an off-colour reference to Kim Kardashian’s robbery? Maybe, maybe not. But more importantly: there are snakes in here.

Those silver chain looking things that are criss-crossing her stomach? Yep, they’re snakes — no doubt about it. But wait, there’s more:

So we have five pieces of snake jewellery here. That silver slinky thing on the left side of her mouth looks suspiciously snake-like, but it’s unclear, so we won’t count it. (We are very thorough journalists.)

Snake Tally: 7


We’re going to need to up the brightness here to identify exactly where all the snakes are. Here goes:

Now I can definitely count them! Easy!

After a very scientific analysis — that is, counting all the tails and then giving up and just estimating because dear lord, there are so many snakes in this fucking picture — I’ve come up with… 50. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Snake Tally: 57

Snakes on the floor, snakes on the candle holders, snakes on her shoes…damn. All up, there are about 38 snakes in this image alone, which makes for a fucktonne of reptiles and we’re not even a minute into the film clip yet.

Snake Tally: 95

CGI these days, right? Apart from the two tea-pouring snakes, this shot gives us a bit more snake jewellery:

Plus there’s 10 additional cobras that decide to pop out to say hi at the last second. And no, I haven’t double-counted any snakes from the previous scenes…at least I think I haven’t.

Snake Tally: 112

…that snakeskin patterned dress definitely counts as one.

Snake Tally: 113

So here we have one snake tattoo on the leg. In the scene just following this, you’ll notice a teensy tiny snake on the stem of her wine glass:

*dusts hands*

Snake Tally: 115

Is that a tiny tiny snake curled around her hoop earring? I THINK IT IS.

Snake Tally: 116

Those earrings look quite a bit like snake tails… eh, good enough. There’s even more jewellery in this scene, located here:

Snake Tally: 120

This has nothing to do with snakes, but can we all just take a second to appreciate how flawless this lipstick is?

Okay, back to the snakes.

And we’re back to the throne room, although Taylor has now replaced the cobras with your garden variety snake, so now there’s more to be counted.

Snake Tally: 140

So there are 15 Taylor Swifts in this photo, and one of them is holding a cobra, which brings the total snake count here to 16.

Snake Tally: 156

Wait, there’s more snake jewellery? Back to the abacus.

Final Snake Tally: 157


Jules LeFevre is Staff Writer for Music Junkee and inthemix. She once saw a brown snake in her backyard and is now afraid of going outside in the summer. She is on Twitter