Cory Bernadi’s New Party Has Been Flooding The Web With Memes And Oh Boy Are They Something

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Senator Cory Bernardi and his fancy new Australian Conservatives party got off to a bit of a rough start last month, with the ex-Liberal drawing condemnation from all sides of Parliament over his decision to ditch the Coalition in order to Make Australia Great Again. He also saw his new movement openly ridiculed on the internet via an ever-growing number of parody websites and Twitter accounts.

Still, it would seem as though Cory has finally gotten past the teething stages and is ready to embrace that most potent of online communication tools: the meme.

Political memes are nothing new. Over the past few years they’ve been embraced by politicians and citizens on both sides of the political divide, at home and abroad, as a way to push talking points, deliver sledges and spread good old fake news. At their most effective, political memes boil a piece of partisan ideology down to a single image, and then spread across the internet like wildfire.

At their least effective…well, they look a lot like this.

Yeesh. I’m no expert (or memespert, if you will) but these are not good. They are not good at all. Let’s look at some more!

It’s as if someone was explaining to them what a meme was, and they got 80 per cent of the way there and then just sort of trailed off.

Like, okay, I understand the point they’re trying to make, but why would the kid need to earn money, he’s a kid? By Cory’s logic aren’t all kids freeloaders? I’m sorry but this one just doesn’t hold up to proper scrutiny.

Oh shit remember this guy!! This takes me back to I wanna say late 2012? Way to stay current Cory!

We’re done here.