The Coronavirus Has Come To Hogwarts In The Latest Sketch From ‘The Feed’

"Everyone knows it's that Hagrid guy. He sells Hippogriff meat at the back of his hut!"

Hogwarts Coronavirus

Coronavirus is continuing to spread across the world, and it seems not even the wizarding world is immune.

In the latest sketch from The Feed students at Hogwarts are in panic mode trying to avoid contracting the virus, and trying to avoid the Ravenclaw kids.

Oh yes, apparently Ravenclaw — the smart house — is where all the Asian kids are sorted thanks to the racist sorting hat.

“I don’t want to share a cauldron with a Ravenclaw in potions class. That makes me a racist, does it?” one student asked defiantly. According to the latest figures, more than 1300 people have died from COVID-19. Only two of those are outside of mainland China, with one in Hong Kong and one in the Phillipines.

At least 25 countries have confirmed cases of the virus.

Since the first outbreak of coronavirus, which has now officially been named COVID-19, people of Asian descent have reported plenty of xenophobic reactions.

Here people have blamed the virus on Chinese people eating bat soup — at Hogwarts, it’s Hagrid’s fault for selling Hippogriff meat out the back of his hut.

You can check out the full video below.