The Controversial ‘Yeah The Boys’ Meetup Event Has Been Cancelled Following A Public Backlash

Copycat events are popping up and a protest against 'Yeah The Boys' has been organised.

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The organisers of a meetup for fans of the ‘Yeah the Boys’ Facebook group that descended into misogynistic threats of violence and sexual assault have cancelled the event. The event page boasted nearly 10,000 attendees before being shut down.

‘Yeah The Boys’ Facebook Event Targets Women With Abuse, Rape Threats

Women who posted on the event page were threatened with violence, sexual assault or both. The meetup was organised for November at Sydney’s Coogee Beach.

This afternoon the page was deleted.

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The link to the event page displays this message.

Before the event had been cancelled a protest called ‘Dog the Boys: Counter-Action Against Yeah the Boys‘ had been organised. The organisers of the protest called on the public to “Join us for a speak-out and feminist friendly picnic at Hyde Park.

“Bring your food to share, bring glitter, bring paint, bring yourselves, bring your mum! This will be a peaceful protest.”

Despite the cancellation of the original ‘Yeah the Boys’ event, the protest is still going ahead. “While the ‘Yeah the Boys’ meetup has been cancelled, this event is still happening,” the rally’s organiser said on Facebook. “These men still exist and they still think this way and need to countered in the public eye. The ‘Yeah the Boys’ Facebook page is still running and we call for its deleting (sic). We will not tolerate sexism.”

A number of copycat Facebook events mimicking the original meetup have been set up this afternoon. A private event coordinating meetups has as its description: “Since the last on (sic) got overrun with rabid feminists I’m making a new one. Add who you want as long as they aren’t two holes.”

Meanwhile the ‘Yeah the Boys’ Facebook page appears to have referenced the controversy.ytb7