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Why Continuing On To Do Postgrad Was The Best Option For Me

Learning more stuff is never a bad thing.

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Not quite sure if you’re ready to give up life as a uni student? Trying to decide between Centrelink and a full-time wage?

Here are some reasons why it’s in your best interest to continue your studies and extend your “tremendous” lecture attendance. It worked for me.

Student Prices

Um, if you’re going to do postgrad studies for any particular reason, let it be for the student discounts. Ain’t nobody gonna say no to concession transport fees and cheap-ass movie tickets. Let’s also not forget about the magical six churro deal with fondue for $10 at San Churro. Not gonna lie, that’s probably the main reason I’m doing a masters degree.

This is also a courtesy reminder for all you current students to always check for student deals or discounts when you’re at the checkout!

Building Contacts

Honours, masters and graduate certificates and diplomas are often much more intimate programs when compared to undergraduate programs, and are run by successful professionals in your field. For this reason, postgraduate studies are excellent opportunities to make connections, score awesome internships, and build relationships within your industry.

Rule Out Career Competition

More often than not, the competition for graduates when entering the workforce can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, taking that extra year to complete a postgrad qualification can be the thing that makes you stand out as a candidate to employers.

More Time To Travel

Uni is possibly one of the best times in your life to travel. We get a whole month off every June/July, and then another three months off from November through to the end of February. With no full-time work obligations or annual leave limitations, there’s not much stopping you from jet setting off to the other side of the world.

Change Direction

Finished your undergraduate degree and decided that your field isn’t quite right for you? Instead of taking an additional 3-4 years to complete another undergrad, more often than not it can actually be quite easy to switch fields in a postgraduate program. You can learn about a whole other industry in a shorter amount of time and come out with an advanced qualification, making it easy to enter the workforce. #winning

No Knowledge Is Never Wasted

Okay, yes, maybe the tune of the crazy frog that is forever ingrained into your memory is a little useless (and frustrating). However, when it comes to a university education, I like to believe that no knowledge is wasted or considered irrelevant. I completed my undergraduate degree with an extended major in Spanish, which honestly has nothing to do with my postgraduate studies or where my career is heading. But guess what? I am now bilingual! Whoop. Look out, Ricky Martin.

If you’re getting yourself down about enrolling in your sixth year of uni, just remember that no one can ever take your knowledge away from you. One of the best things you can do in this lifetime is to expand your mind’s capabilities and learn as much about the world as you can.