The Astrology App Co-Star Has Accused Google Of “Anti-Astrology Prejudice”

Co-Star is threatening to protest outside the Google HQ if they don't put the app back up.

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We’re only 37 days into the year and an astrology app and a search engine are now engaged in 2020’s biggest beef.

Co-Star, an astrology app famous for it’s sometimes overtly sassy push notifications, has accused Google of hating astrology in a new Twitter post. After the Co-Star app was removed from the Google Play store, the astrology company threatened to protest outside the Google offices if the problem was not resolved.

You’d think they would have seen this coming?

“At 8PM EST on February 5, 2020, the Co-Star app for Android devices was unceremoniously removed from the Google Play store citing a ‘Metadata Policy’ violation,” the post read. “We’ve worked hard to make a useful language for understanding ourselves and others, despite counter claims that it is a ‘pseudo-science.'”

“We are forced to justify ourselves and our mission to big exploitative companies like Google again and again. This is unacceptable,” the post continued. “We won’t tolerate anti-astrology prejudice.”

The 12-person company then declared they would protest outside Google HQ at the end of the work week if the app wasn’t reinstated immediately. Because there is nothing in the world scarier than 12 ancient witches and wizards who can read the very stars themselves standing outside a billion dollar company’s head office.

The removal of the app on Android devices comes only two weeks after Co-Star was launched on the Play Store. In their post, Co-Star also claims that they don’t make money from ads or sell customer data either, and only ever wanted to give the people want they wanted.

With no immediate response from Google or the Google Play store, one just has to assume that maybe Co-Star is right and that Google may just be against all the horoscope lovers of the world. Either that or the Google board are shaking in their boots at the thought of an astrology-led protest outside of their headquarters.