Clive Palmer Plots The Downfall Of The Major Parties From His Multi-Million Dollar Superyacht

"I get up at 2am…and spent my first hour thinking about all the nasty things I can do to the Liberal Party or the Labor Party."

Clive Palmer challenges Twisted Sister to sing off

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Clive Palmer wants you to know he spent 100 million bucks on those unskippable United Australia Party YouTube ads and that he plots to destroy the major parties in the wee hours on his superyacht.

Ahead of his defamation case against West Australian Premier Mark McGowan today, Clive Palmer revealed his campaign spending in an interview with The Australian. In the interview, given from his private yacht, Palmer revealed he is spending 100 million dollars on advertising for the United Australia Party over the course of the election.

“It’s only a couple of months’ work for me,” Palmer said, referring to those unskippable UAP ads you’ve probably been desperately trying to ignore on YouTube. Palmer further played down his spending by reminding The Australian that he receives around $600m annually in mining royalties.

Most bizarrely, Palmer shared, shall we say, the creative process behind writing the advertisements. “I get up at 2am…and spent my first hour thinking about all the nasty things I can do to the Liberal Party or the Labor Party,” he said. “Then from 3 to 4am I actually do it, writing the ads and other things.” Channeling Regina George energy, for sure.

Putting Palmer’s Billion-dollar spending hobbies aside, his bizarre interview was likely an attempt to drum up support for his defamation case in Federal court today. The UAP party leader is facing court, charging West Australian Premier Mark McGowan.

Back in 2020, Palmer was denied entry into WA under COVID travel restrictions. The denial lead to a failed High Court challenge of the state’s border policy and a battle of words in the press between Palmer and the WA Premier in which McGowan referred to Palmer as “the enemy of Western Australia.” The trial begins today.

Palmer’s defamation claims fall rather ironically, considering his own history of spreading misinformation. Last year, Palmer was caught spreading anti-vax propaganda in vulnerable regional communities. More recently, his personal stash of five million doses of hydroxychloroquine, AKA the debunked anti-COVID drug, was destroyed by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

Just more things for Palmer to ponder in the wee hours on his superyacht, apparently, because that totally doesn’t have billionaire Bond-villain energy.