Weird Unit Clive Palmer Is In A Feud With Hair Metal Band Twisted Sister, Because Of Course

Politics in 2019 is off to a weird start.

Clive Palmer is feuding with Twisted Sister

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Clive Palmer has gotten into a Twitter feud with the members of American hair metal band Twisted Sister. And in related news, 2019 can piss right off.

The mining magnate, former Queensland MP and certified weird unit has been called out by the band on social media for appropriating their iconic hit ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ in ads for his revamped (but still terrible) political party.

The ads, which have appeared on television and online, feature the lyrics “Australia ain’t gonna cop it”.

After being notified of the song’s use, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French tweeted that the band had never heard of Palmer and did not endorse him.

His words were echoed by lead singer Dee Snider, who said the band was considering legal action over the song’s unauthorised use.

Palmer has since threatened to counter-sue, because of course he has.

“I wrote the words personally that appear on our promotion and hold the copyright for those words,” he told Fairfax. “If [Twisted Sister] attempt to use my lyrics in any of their songs, I’ll not hesitate to take legal proceedings against them.”

“As foreigners, they should stay out of Australian domestic politics and stay where they are,” he added. “Aussies are not going to cop it at all!”

According to Palmer, the United Australia Party will contest both houses in the upcoming federal election. Former One Nation senator Brian Burston has already signed on, giving you some idea of the calibre of candidate the party is likely to field.

Palmer’s feud with Twisted Sister comes approximately three months after his feud with Chumbawamba over his use of their song ‘Tubthumping’. Yes, really.