Climate Protesters Have Glued Themselves To The Road In The Brisbane CBD

"Business as usual is leading us to catastrophe."

Climate change protesters in Brisbane

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A pair of activists have glued themselves to the road in the Brisbane CBD in a protest design to draw attention to the government’s failure to act on climate change.

The man and the woman from the activist group Extinction Rebellion glued their hands to a zebra crossing on Queen St around 8am this morning, according to The Courier Mail. At the time of this writing, police and paramedics were reportedly still trying to move the pair, which might be tough on account of… y’know, the glue.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion told the paper that the point of the protest was to show that “business as usual is leading us to catastrophe”.

“We’ve had an environmental movement for over 30 years but we are still heading towards destruction,” he said. “We’ve signed petitions, we’ve held signs and still we are heading towards catastrophe. This is the only way.”

The Extinction Rebellion Australia Twitter account identified the two protesters as ‘Serge’ and ‘Ebony’.

“Today I’m sacrificing my liberty to be a voice to protect life on earth,” said Serge. “It’s no longer acceptable to vote and think the government is going to change anything. What the government is doing is not acceptable!”

Feature images via Extinction Rebellion/Twitter