Yes, That Was Timomatic In ‘Clickbait’

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you because that definitely was Timomatic in Netflix's 'Clickbait'.

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If you’re an Aussie who watched Clickbait — the latest whodunit thriller series on Netflix — over the weekend, you might’ve recognised a familiar face.

— Warning: Slight spoilers ahead, but you already knew that. —

Clickbait follows the highly publicised investigation into the viral kidnapping of physical therapist, Nick Brewer. After footage of a bloodied Nick holding a number of concerning signs is uploaded to the internet, Nick’s family become desperate to find the husband, father, son, brother, and friend before the message on one sign comes true: “At five million views, I die.”

In order to solve the mystery of where Nick went, each episode in the eight-part limited series focuses on a different key player in the investigation.

For example, episode one tells the story of Pia Brewer, Nick’s wild sister who becomes desperate to find her brother by any means possible. As a well-liked nurse, Pia uses her friendship with one of her tech-savvy patients to help track where the videos of her brother were filmed.

Over the series, episodes are dedicated to the lead detective, Nick’s wife, his sons, and a number of additional characters who are revealed as the story unfolds. Among these people is reporter Ben Park, who proves he’s willing to do just about anything to secure the scoop.

And who just so happens to be Ben’s trusty sidekick? None other than Timothy ‘Timomatic’ Omaji, of course.


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Timomatic features throughout the fifth episode of Clickbait, which focuses on the media’s role in the investigation, aptly titled ‘The Reporter’.

After Ben Park manages to secure an interview with one of Nick Brewer’s alleged mistresses, the reporter decides to go on the hunt for more women. To assist him in his, frankly, very illegal methods of journalism, Ben enlists the help of his coworker, Jimmy Akintola aka Timomatic!!!

Now Timomatic doesn’t play a huge role in the story beyond offering Ben the takeaway bag that’s used to break into the Brewer home and being the one to secretly film an unsuspecting woman, but it’s enough screentime to pique the interest of Australians watching the show.

While the role isn’t currently listed on Timothy Omaji’s IMDB page just yet, this is the first proper acting gig for the Aussie icon who first broke onto the scene with So You Think You Can Dance in 2009.

And to celebrate his foray into acting, the dancer-turned-singer-turned-actor thanked everyone who was part of the show on Instagram yesterday.

“Twas a vibe guestin’ on @netflix smash @clickbaitonnetflix,” Omaji shared along with a number of photos on set. “S/O to all cast, creatives and crew on the show! Onwards and upwards.”


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Honestly, we can’t help but stan.

You can stream ‘Clickbait’ on Netflix now.