Claire Saffitz Disassociating In Public Is The World’s Most Relatable Meme

"when it’s the end of lecture and everyone else is packing up but your professor is still talking and you don’t want to be rude."

Claire Saffitz BA meme

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Claire Saffitz from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is already basically a walking meme.

I mean that in the sense that she’s taken on a kind of legendary online presence, a beloved internet demi-god. The most common refrain online is to simply say “I would die for Claire Saffitz”, and everybody knows exactly what you mean. TikTok teens make elaborate video tributes to her. People go to sleep watching her videos.

There is something weirdly relatable about Saffitz and her videos, and what people respond to is her suffering — in a world of shiny, perfectly, media-trained YouTube personalities, watching Claire Saffitz visibly break down over minor inconveniences, over the bizarrely pointless toil of making PopTarts from scratch is incredibly needed.

Everyone is Claire Saffitz from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, and Claire Saffitz is everybody.

But recently, a specific clip of her visibly disassociating during a recording has amplified this feel of being relatable excessively — and has been turned into our new favourite meme. Meme!

It’s pretty simple — that thousand yard stare, that halfhearted attempt to engage and remain polite, the monosyllabic responses. It’s every meeting ever.

One of my favourites is this call and response, about the song Ribs by Lorde. Read the first one… and then listen to it in real time.

The video has become super popular, which is just evidence of Claire Saffitz and the BA Test Kitchen’s respective powers.

Thank you for being our representative in the hellscape of late capitalism, Claire.