Christopher “The Fixer” Pyne, Seamlessly Inserted Into ‘Star Wars’

He fits in suspiciously well on the Death Star.

On Tuesday this week, Education Minister Christopher Pyne decided to ignore all sound logic by attempting to shove his already failed university deregulation bill through the Senate. Predictably, it did not work.

This could have something to do with the fact that the majority of senators had repeatedly told him they would never vote in favour of it, that students all over the country are in all-out revolt over the catastrophic results it would have on the nation’s education system, or the fact that the man behind it all is choosing not to take advice from prior experience or professional political advisors, but rather from novelty Asian confectionary.

Whatever the reason: the nation is happy about it.

While Pyne will no doubt resurrect the undead bill some time down the track, we’re at least safe for the moment. And this relief is no doubt felt a little more intense when considering the way Pyne was acting moments before the vote.

An interview with Sky News from the same morning is now seared into the nation’s collective memory as the Education Minister and budding Hannibal Lecter impressionist pronounced himself “the fixer” and ominously declared he had “a surprise” for us. 


The face of the Australian public.

But now, everyone’s favourite video editor Huw Parkinson has got on board and re-contextualised the comments for you. Pyne’s words may have sounded strange when uttered on a national current affairs program, but if you discreetly splice them into the plot of Star Wars, everything makes a lot more sense.

Should we be worried that the thoughts of one of our nation’s most powerful elected representatives can be seamlessly inserted into the dialogue on board the Death Star? Almost certainly, yes. But for the moment, I guess all you can really do is laugh.

You can watch more of Huw Parkinson’s incredible Auspol work over here.