A Man Who Lost His Dad In The Christchurch Attack Sent A Powerful ‘Fuck You’ To The Terrorist

"I would like to say that my 71-year-old dad would have broke you in half if you'd challenged him to a fight. But you are weak."

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Last year, Haji-Daoud Nabi died saving another mans life during the Christchurch terror attack. He stepped in front of bullets to protect another worshipper from an Australian terrorist.

Today his son Ahad Nabi stared down his father’s killer to deliver a powerful victim impact statement where he called him “scum of the world” and “trash” that would never change the world.

The Christchurch terrorist attacker killed 51 people with a stash of semi-automatic weapons in March last year, after posting a rambling and extremist 74-page manifesto to an internet forum.  Today is the third day of his sentencing hearing.

Ahad is one of many people — both survivors, and relatives of those murdered — who have bravely faced the terrorist in court. He didn’t hold back.

“I would like to say that my 71-year-old dad would have broke you in half if you’d challenged him to a fight. But you are weak. A sheep, with a wolf’s jacket on, for only ten minutes of your whole life,” he said.

Ahad also said the man’s actions displayed what a coward he was.

“You shot at defenceless people… your actions were of gutless character,” he said.

“There’s nothing heroic about shooting people from behind and people not having a chance of defending themselves.

“A peasant like you will never change the human race. Your wish is to make this world a racist cult of one colour but you’ll never succeed.”

The Christchurch terrorist attacker is currently being held in isolation in Paremoremo maximum security prison in Auckland.

The Australian man is facing the possibility of becoming the first person in New Zealand under current laws to be given a life sentence with no chance of parole.