Chrissy Teigen Answered The Internet’s Questions About How Famous People Live, And Ho Boy

"There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for," Teigen wrote about what flying is like as a famo. "They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know."

Chrissy Teigen -- Twitter

Throughout history, the lives of the rich and famous have been deliberately mysterious and remote. But now, thanks to Chrissy Teigen, that distance between the world of the upper class and the rest of us has been shortened somewhat.

See, it all began when Teigen, a prolific and beloved Twitter user as well as an acclaimed model and businesswoman, got asked whether she has a junk drawer in her house. You know the kind — that place where you chuck all of your old bits and bobs, from lengths of string to half-finished boxes of staples.

And not only did Teigen confirm that yes, she does in fact have such a drawer, she then invited the public at large to ask her questions about the lives of the rich and famous. It was like a Reddit Ask Me Anything, albeit one that’ll have you voting wildly for any politician who promises to raise taxes for the rich.

Most of the questions concerned practical matters.

First up, somebody wanted to know how celebrities deal with airports. The answer: by having a private rich person airport, a mile out from the actual terminal that costs a membership fee. (Most will set you back at least $4,500 US dollars every year.)

Next up, there were a lot of questions about assistants. Namely, what do they do (the answer: most of the Christmas and grocery shopping), do they live in the house as the celeb they’re taking care of (the answer: usually), and where do they come from (the answer: they are mostly ex-assistants of agents.)

From there, Teigen revealed that awards shows suck…

…that a lot of celebrities do in fact have secret Twitter and Instagram accounts…

…that she misses being able to go to the grocery store without being mobbed…

…that business accountants handle pretty much everything to do with a celebrity’s finances…

…and, finally, that the thing about being rich is that you get a lotta shit for free.