Chrissy Teigen Has Issued A Lengthy Apology For Being A “Troll” After A Month Of Radio Silence

Chrissy Teigen has penned what might be one of the longest celebrity apologies ever, apologising for bullying several people on Twitter in the past. 

Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen has penned what might be one of the longest celebrity apologies ever, apologising for bullying several people on Twitter in the past. 

What Happened?

Breaking her month-long silence on social media – a now common trait for Teigen – the US model and former Queen of Twitter has publicly apologised after she was flooded with allegations of bullying.  

Teigan posted a lengthy blog post to medium titled “Hi Again”, which opens with, “It has been a VERY humbling few weeks.” 

In the post, Teigen writes“Not a day, not a single moment has passed where I haven’t felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I’ve said in the past” 

“As you know, a bunch of my old awful (awful, awful) tweets resurfaced. I’m truly ashamed of them. 

“As I look at them and understand the hurt they caused, I have to stop and wonder: How could I have done that?” 

“There is simply no excuse… I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry.”  

Teigen’s History Of Apologising 

This isn’t the first time Teigen has had to say sorry for her online behaviour. 

In May this yearTV personality Courtney Stodden accused Teigen of bullying them online back in 2011 

According to StoddenTeigen would publicly tweet that Stodden “has rabies, and tell them to go take a “dirt nap”One of the worst messages was a private DM telling Stodden to go kill themself 

Teigen publicly apologised to Stodden on Twitterwriting that she was “mortified and sad” by her past actions, and owning up to being an “insecure, attentionseeking troll.” 

Her apology came less than a month after she left and re-joined Twitter because of “relentless bullying” she had supposedly faced on the platform.  

Teigen’s Latest Apology 

In her recent apology — which has now been shared to all of her social media accounts — Teigen wrote that she is not seeking sympathy, but that she is “no longer the person who wrote those horrible things.” 

“I grew up, got therapy, got married, had kids, got more therapy,” Teigen wrote, who is married to singer John Legend.  

“We are all more than our worst moments. I won’t ask for your forgiveness, only your patience and tolerance.” 

But a lot people aren’t buying it.  

For some, the latest apology feels like another due-date apology designed to try and save face and to prevent losing (more) major brand deals and collaborations.  

Others are just straight up claiming that Teigen hasn’t changed one bit.  

And tmake matters worse, some are accusing her team of deleting negative comments from the apology post, to make it seem like she’s been forgiven.  

Currently, Teigen has 13.5 million Twitter followers and 35 million on Instagram.  

Her cookware line habeen dropped by Target, and she has reportedly also been dropped from marketing the cleaning brand ‘Safely’ that she co-founded with Kris Jenner.