MCU Stars Are Defending Chris Pratt, The Worst Chris, After He Was Voted The Worst Chris

Everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to James Gunn took time out of their day to right the great injustice of Chris Pratt being called the worst Chris.

Chris Pratt outrage on Twitter

Because the internet craves repetition, earlier this week, Twitter was once more lit up with an argument over who is the best Chris — Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, or Chris Pine.

This is a debate that has been happening since time immemorial, and always with the same answer being suggested each time: it’s Pratt who deserves to get the boot, most say.

The reasons listed are numerous. Pratt is a member of Hillsong, a church frequently accused of being anti-LGBTQI; he’s probably a Republican; and there was that time he deliberately exposed himself to members of the Parks and Recreation cast. Hemsworth, Evans, or Pine have committed none of these wrongs, so they get to stay.

Like I said: none of this is new. But for some reason, when the question of the Chrises was posed this time, and Pratt was once again given the boot, the man’s celebrity friends decided they were pissed. Yep, some of the richest, most well-paid actors in the world decided to spend their precious life on Earth speaking out not against sexism, misogyny, or racism.

Nope. They decided to wade in to help out one of the richest, most well-paid actors in the world because people were pointing out his values are fucked. Which they openly are.

Everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Mark Ruffalo got involved, sending messages of solidarity over Twitter. Basically, they were two minutes away from organising another woeful sing-along for the guy.

Anyway, this is all tiresome shit, obviously, and people were pretty quickly tired of it. Within hours, those on Twitter were pointing out the obvious — that using any breath to defend a man as rich as Chris Pratt is wasted breath.

That’s class solidarity for you — the rich will always, at the end of the day, look out for the rich.