Chris Lilley Is Being Slammed For Sharing A Blackface Music Video On Social Media


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Logie award winning actor and producer Chris Lilley is being roundly condemned on social media today after sharing a music video to his 250,000 Instagram followers that features him wearing blackface makeup and repeatedly using the n-word.

The video is a recent remix of Lilley’s 2011 song ‘Squashed N-word’ (except the song title actually uses the n-word), performed by his blackface character S.mouse from the ABC series Angry Boys. 

The song is about a child who is run over by a truck and was shared by Lilley just days after the verdict was handed down in the case of Elijah Doughty, the 14-year old Indigenous child run over in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Lilley’s decision to share the video has been slammed on social media.

Lilley has since deleted the video and made his Instagram account private. He has also blocked a number of people who have criticised him.

While it’s pretty incredible mindbendingly awful that the ABC would produce and release a show that featured a blackface character who sung a song called ‘Squashed N-word’ in 2011, it’s even more extraordinary Lilley thought it was a good idea to reshare the video this week.

Back in 2011 the soundtrack to Angry Boys, which featured 17 songs from S.mouse, Lilley’s blackface character, won the ARIA award for best original soundtrack.

Last month another of Lilley’s shows, Jonah From Tonga, was pulled from New Zealand television over concerns it perpetuated negative stereotypes about people with Pacific Islander heritage.

But even though Lilley would have been aware of the recent criticism of his highly controversial TV shows he still thought, for some reason, it was a good idea to reshare a blackface video and block Indigenous people who called him out on it.