Please Enjoy Chris Evans Harassing Innocent People On The New ‘Billy On The Street’

"It's Chris Evans!"

Chris Evans on Billy On The Street

It doesn’t always feel like Chris Evans lives in the same world as you or I.

The man is so handsome — so broadly, mythically beautiful — that he looks like an Olympian god rather than a flesh-and-blood mortal. It’s hard to imagine him queuing up in line at a chemist’s, for instance, or cursing because he can’t remember where he left his jeep in the parking lot.

Which is precisely why it’s so wonderful to see him running around the streets in a new clip from Billy Eichner’s raucously funny TV comedy, Billy On The Street.

In fact, that’s kinda the whole deal of Billy On The Street. When Eichner isn’t himself causing mischief, quizzing New Yorkers with impossible questions that he doesn’t really want them to answer, he’s dragging celebrities into the mix. And the joke in that case is always the same: there you are, walking down the street, when suddenly Emma Stone is standing in front of you and you’ve got a microphone jammed into your face.

In the Evans clip, the pair of troublemakers interrupt the world’s kindest elderly woman while she’s on the phone, ignore the world’s most fabulous woman when she reveals that she’s never actually seen a Captain America movie, and harangue the world’s most understated woman who seems kinda nonplussed about being in the presence of a Marvel superstar.

The whole thing is wonderful, a precise distillation of the pleasures of Billy On The Street — which is timely, given that this year is actually the 15th anniversary of the show. It’s wild that what basically started off as a little bit of internet juvenalia has now become one of the most watched “game shows” on American television, pulling the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Long live Billy Eichner, is what I’m saying.