Chris Christie’s Oh-Shit Face While Listening To Donald Trump Basically Sums Up Super Tuesday

"I've made a huge mistake."

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Super Tuesday is one of the biggest moments in the achingly long and entirely insufferable US Presidential nominations process. Voters in twelve states, mainly in the South, went to the polls today to pick their choices for the Democratic and Republican nominees, and it looks like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have established themselves as the clear frontrunners in their respective contests.

Clinton swept Southern states as expected and looks to have scored a narrow victory in Massachusetts, leaving Bernie Sanders with a handful of smaller states. Trump, meanwhile, was equally dominant, scoring big wins in half a dozen states and cementing his position ahead of other Republican contenders. If the prospect of a Trump candidacy was hilarious back in June, it sure as shit ain’t funny now.

Someone who seemed to realise that at the worst possible moment was New Jersey Governor and failed Presidential candidate Chris Christie, who sensationally endorsed Trump over the weekend after dropping out of the race. Christie seems to have undergone a horrific reinvention as Trump’s hype man, appearing onstage at a Trump rally in Florida to introduce the candidate with all the enthusiasm of someone reading out their own death sentence.

Worse, Christie then had to stand behind Trump throughout the duration of his victory speech, all the while making a face that suggested he was being forced to stay there at gunpoint. There may be no more pathetic moment in this election than that of Chris Christie’s terrified, helpless face, which is saying something considering we got to watch Jeb Bush flail around for so long.

Not so long ago, Christie was widely tipped to be the next Republican President; he was the popular Governor of a traditionally Democratic state, he won respect for working across political divides, and voters responded to his brash and upfront style. Now he’s a shill for an orange stressball rolled in cat hair, who thanked him for his trouble by humiliating him onstage.

That’s gotta hurt.