There’s A Trailer For A ‘Child’s Play’ Reboot And I Guess Chucky Is A Robot Now?

Just go with it.

Child's Play reboot trailer

A trailer for the Child’s Play reboot has just hit the web, much to the delight and/or distress and/or mild confusion of horror fans. The movie looks more or less the same as the original, only uh, I guess Chucky is a robot now?

The teaser trailer doesn’t actually give us a proper look at the killer doll, but there are plenty of clues as to Chucky’s new cybertronic backstory. And come to think of it, I suppose making him a robot actually makes more sense than him being inhabited by the soul of a serial killer. Or at least, it doesn’t make any less sense.

In addition to Chuck-e, the new film stars Aubrey Plaza as a young mother who runs afoul of the tiny terror, and also features Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry. Check out the trailer, below.

Child’s Play hits cinemas in the US on June 21.