Cher Has Confirmed A Cher Musical Is On Its Way And We Are Chersterical



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Goddess of pop. Queer icon. Auto-tune pioneer. Roaster of US President Donald Trump.

Cher is all of these things and more (although, hilariously, she has mostly been the latter this month, averaging at least one burn per day).

Now, on top of her stellar Twitter game and also that iconic musical career of hers, the iconic singer will have an autobiographical musical under her belt come 2018.

Billed as The Cher Showthe stage musical will reportedly feature three different actors in the lead role and trace Cher’s wild and kickass career, including everything from her start with Sonny Bono (‘I Got You Babe’), creating the actual best song ever (‘Believe’), to, hopefully, her Wu-Tang team-up on the mythical, tragically Martin Shkreli-owned album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

And honestly, the talent involved here is fucking hectic. The production will involve Hamilton producers Jeffrey Seller and Flody Suarez, Avenue Q and Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore, book by Jersey Boys‘ Rick Elice and, naturally, many of Cher’s greatest hits.

No word yet how they will handle her one-woman West Side Story performance, but Christ it had better be there.

Cher’s apparently been involved in the project since the get go in 2012, and tweeted her approval of a super-secret NYC reading in January (along with a v good explainer).

Set for Broadway next year, there’s sadly no hint of an Australian tour yet (although we got Book of Mormon and Kinky Boots, so it’s only a matter of time right? Right? Right!).

This means Aussie fans might have to settle for a local spin of DMA’s Like A Version cover of best song of all time Believe, which came in at number six in last year’s Hottest 100.

For comparison, here is the original and the best (song of all time).