Cher Has Apologised For Posing For A Mardi Gras Selfie With Malcolm Turnbull

If only she could turn back time.

Pop star Cher has apologised for posing for a selfie with Malcolm Turnbull during the Mardi Gras parade, after being schooled by fans on the government’s less than stellar track record on LGBTIQ+ rights.

The Prime Minister shared the photo on Twitter, along with a caption in which he said he was thrilled to welcome the singer to the first Mardi Gras since the passage of marriage equality. But many users took issue with Turnbull’s presence at the event given the enormous hurt his party caused the queer community by forcing them to go through the ludicrous postal survey.

Others tweeted at Cher directly, asking why she would be willing to pose for such a photo.

Cher initially said she found the PM reasonable and caring.

But after asking her followers to “school me” on Turnbull (they were all too happy to oblige), the pop star apologised for the photo, tweeting “guess that’s why I have few friends who are politicians. He seemed very open and excited about Mardi Gras and LGBT community.”