Cher Is Very Sorry For Calling Tony Abbott A “Twiddle Tosser” On Twitter By Mistake

The world is a wonderful place.

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If you’re not already constantly following iconic pop singer Cher’s movements on Twitter, you need to get apprised of that hot mess immediately. Her all-caps takes on politics, religion, love, the iCloud and Hitler, as well as her semi-regular fights with people like Ted Cruz, are car-crash watchable.

Now, presumably because she heard it’s my last day and wanted to gift me some truly dank content to help speed me on my way, she’s had a crack at former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In response to a fan praising her for calling newly-appointed UK Foreign Secretary and pile of pale cat hair Boris Johnson a “fucking idiot”, Cher posted a photo of Johnson with our own former PM, along with the most delightfully incoherent set of insults you’ve heard in quite a while.

If it seems mildly strange that the voice behind hits like ‘Turn Back Time’ has such strong opinions on Australian federal politics, that’s because she doesn’t. Turns out, Cher stumbled across that photo and thought old mate Tone was Nigel Farage, the longtime leader of the right-wing UK Independence Party and a leading Brexit campaigner. Farage, for comparison, looks like this:

This image’s URL genuinely ends with”Farage-idiot.jpg”.

Unfortunately, Cher’s now found out the man in the photo with Boris is not Farage, and has posted a sincere apology on Twitter. You know it’s sincere because of the crying face.

Presumably once she Googles ‘Tony Abbott’ and reads his Wikipedia page for five minutes, she’ll take back her apology and go on a bit of a tear about this other right-wing numpty on the far side of the world. A world in which faded American pop stars will, apropos of nothing, rip into conservative former Australian Prime Ministers by mistake is a wonderful one, and I will not be convinced otherwise.