The Dog Who Played Cheddar, The Goodest Dog From ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has Passed Away

Tributes are flooding in.

Cheddar Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In truly awful news, it has been reported that Stewart, the Corgi who played Cheddar on Brooklyn Nine-Nine has passed away.

To quote Captain Raymond Holt, Cheddar’s owner: everything is garbage.

Stewart’s real owners posted on Instagram, describing an extremely idyllic last day for their beloved hound, before he was peacefully put to sleep. He got to play at the beach and “frolic in the surf”, and eat at In & Out Burger.

He is survived by his sister and equally talented actress Stella — who has since taken over the iconic TV role.

Cheddar had a fairly meaningful role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, having entire episodes revolve around his adventure, such as when Jake and Amy managed to lose him. He also played an important role in one of the beloved Halloween heist episodes.

There’s basically already a memorial reel up, let’s all watch it and have a gentle weep:

To paraphrase Captain Holt again: you were no common bitch, Cheddar. RIP.