Charli XCX And Troye Sivan’s ‘1999’ Is The Nostalgia Video Of Your Dreams

Prepare for a trip down memory lane.

Charli XCX 1999

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Perfect humans Charli XCX and Troye Sivan have dropped their music video for ‘1999’, and it’s everything you ever wanted.

The entire clip is a homage to ’90s music and culture, referencing everything from The Matrix, to American Beauty, to The Sims, to TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’, to Titanic — and basically, everything else that ever happened in the ’90s. In short, it’s a time-travelling masterpiece.

And yes, in case you were wondering: Charli XCX would have been 7 years old in 1999, and Troye Sivan would have been 4. But hey, the love of the ’90s spans all ages.

As Charli told Music Junkee last week, the two artists first met at a house party she threw in LA. “He was into my mixtape Pop 2 and I had heard him say some really nice things about that in interviews, and I was becoming more and more obsessed with him as an artist,” she said.

“I had this song ‘1999’ and I got it played for him and he liked it which was really cool. It was funny because I always liked the song but I wasn’t sure whether it was totally for me. I was wondering whether I should pitch it [to other artists].

“When Troye was like ‘No, I really like it, I would love to do something on it’, I was like ‘Okay, great. I have to keep it, Troye thinks it’s cool, it’s probably cool, ’cause Troye’s really cool, so great’.”

Watch the video below, and prepare for a tumble down memory lane.