Channel Ten Just Announced Eight New Shows And Everyone Is Asking: Where Are All The Women?

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Picture this: you’re an Australian TV executive in charge of putting together a “pilot week” consisting of eight never-before-seen shows. You’re probably aware of the backlash that all-male line-ups have generated in the past — maybe you’re thinking about that time that Channel Nine got ripped into for choosing an all-male cricket commentary team, or the time The Bachelor forgot that women of colour can also appear on reality TV.

It looks like Channel Ten has again ignored lessons from the past and put together a list of eight shows for pilot week — all up, there’s just one woman in a lead role across all the shows.

Where Are The Women?

A bunch of top Aussie comedians called out the program as soon as Channel Ten revealed who was hosting each one.


In response to this tweet, one of the pilot week TV show hosts, Dave O’Neil, replied:

In response to claims that there was a lack of representation, Channel Ten’s Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey fired back:

“The reaction’s probably not surprising but we are a bit disappointed,” McGarvey said. “On pilot week obviously there is a really amazing mix of male and female behind-the-scenes people,” McGarvey continued. “What we were looking for in the process was ideas that we wouldn’t otherwise commission. We were trying to be bold in our commissioning.”

What Are The Pilot Week Shows And Who Is Hosting Them?

The eight shows that are being tested out in pilot week are:

  • Trial By Kyle: a show similar to Judge Judy, but instead of the judge being a qualified female it’s just Kyle Sandilands, the dude who was fired from Channel Ten in 2009 after a radio prank gone wrong pushed a woman into revealing that she had been sexually assaulted as a young girl.  He’ll be joined by the only woman mentioned in the pilot week advertising materials: Anna Heinrich, a former Bachelor contestant who will be the in-show lawyer.
  • Disgrace!: this one’s hosted by Sam Dastyari, the former NSW senator who resigned over links to the Chinese Communist Party. His show is a half-hour of commentary on everything disgraceful and outrageous that occurred the week before.
  • Dave: this one’s a half-hour comedy show revolving around long-time Aussie comedian Dave O’Neil.
  • Drunk History: Rhys Darby and Stephen Curry will retell moments in Australian history… while a little tipsy.
  • Taboo: similar to ABC’s You Can’t Ask That, Harley Breen will perform a stand-up comedy routine about a disadvantaged group. The catch is that members of that group will be sitting right there in the front row.
  • Kinne Tonight: Troy Kinne will be delivering a half-hour of laughs.
  • Skit Happens: some good old fashioned skits, performed by a range of Aussie comedians.
  • Bring Back Saturday Night: Rove McManus is back, and he wants to revive Saturday night entertainment in Australia.