Channel 9 Issues Half-Assed Apology For BTS Segment Following Major Fan Backlash

The saga continues.

BTS Channel 9 photo

Channel 9 has issued a sheepish apology after a questionable segment about K-pop band BTS garnered a severe backlash from fans.

During the ranking program 20 to One on Wednesday night, co-hosts Erin Molan and Nick Cody called BTS “the biggest band you’ve never heard of”, and casually joked about how “only one band member actually speaks English”.

“When I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried,” comedian Jimmy Carr said in the segment. “So it could have been worse. But not much worse.”

The segment also contains an interview with Australian Idol finalist Rob Mills, who calls their singing “passable”, and a brief, soundless clip of BTS speaking at the UN, delivering a presentation about bullying and hope that the 20 To One presenters dismiss as probably being about “hair products.”

Watch the clip below.

BTS fans quickly caught on, and the broadcaster was suddenly inundated with messages from furious fans — the hashtag #Channel9Apologize racked up hundreds of thousands of tweets.

Channel 9 initially tried to brush off the controversy, telling “As a lighthearted entertainment program, it is our belief that last night’s episode of 20 to One, which highlighted the ‘Greatest Global Crazes’, did not breach any broadcast regulations, and was intended to humorously highlight the popularity of the group.

“We apologise to any who may have been offended by last night’s episode.”

They’ve now apologised further, issuing a message (in English and Korean) that states they “apologise for any disrespect”.

Predictably, fans still aren’t impressed.