The Weirdly Seductive Voice On The Centrelink Coronavirus Hotline Has Become A Meme

Am I turned on or am I just bored?

coronavirus seductive centrelink voice hotline meme

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As a result of COVID-19, a lot of people have lost their jobs and have had to turn to Centrelink for support.

In response to non-essential business closures and hiring freezes across a number of Australian companies, the federal government has offered JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments for those affected, to hopefully help them get to the other side of this crisis.

But when these support payments were announced, Centrelink couldn’t handle the demand. With thousands of people trying to access Centrelink all at once, it’s no surprise that lines wrapped around the block. On top of that, attempts to access these services through MyGov were futile as the website couldn’t handle the “unprecedented demand” of people attempting to visit the site.

So, the only option left was for people to directly call the Centrelink hotline, which had a somewhat surprising sound at the other end of the line.

Originally caught by TikTok user @lovechloejane, Chloe uploaded the audio to the app. In her video, Chloe shared how she thought that the Centrelink voice had a somewhat soothing, crystal and flower crown-loving, hippie vibe to it.

However, as more people heard the new Centrelink voice, they started noticing that it sounded a lot more seductive than anything else.

The stark difference between theĀ general “Welcome to the Centrelink Employment Services line” greeting and the coronavirus-specific information really highlighted just how sultry the message was.

So naturally, Aussies on TikTok started taking the piss out of Centrelink’s unnecessarily sexy pre-recorded messages.

Featuring professional beginnings, followed by a lot of winking and stripping, Aussies just couldn’t handle Centrelink’s dip into sex hotline-voice territory.

As we remain cooped up in our homes for an undetermined period of time, we can expect to see a lot more iconic TikTok trends come from the most random Aussie instances.