Celeste Barber Perfectly Trolled Anti-Vaxxers Who Reckon They Know More Than Qualified Nurses

"The nurse, who's been a nurse for 20 years, was saying how grateful she is that she can get all the information from people who sell felt hats at the markets."

celeste barber anti-vaxxer troll

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National treasure Celeste Barber has delivered the perfect response to anti-vaxxers who are upset that she’s been “promoting” the COVID vaccine to her followers.

Last week, the comedian responsible for raising $51 million for bushfire relief shared her vaccination experience with her 8.2 million followers. In an Instagram post, Barber posed with a ‘I’ve Had The Jab’ sticker and wrote: “I got it! Get it if you can and let’s kick this in the dick!”.

“The excellent front line workers that are keeping us safe are the sexiest SUPERHEROES in all the universes!”


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As expected, anti-vaxxers weren’t happy with this and swiftly went on to attack Barber for encouraging her fans to get vaccinated if they could.

In one particular video, Sarah J Holman — a super religious, Trump-supporting, vocal anti-vaxxer — calls the comedian a “fat slob” for encouraging other people to get the jab when “people are dying and people are being maimed”.

“You tell me why fat slobs like Celestie Baba (sic) are able to post on their Instagram and encourage other people to get the shot when people are dying and people are being maimed by these things,” the anti-vaxxer said in a now-deleted video.

In a cool, calm, and collected response, Barber simply looked into the camera deadpan and said just five powerful words: “It’s Celeste, you fucking idiot”.

On Facebook, Holman publicly responded to the backlash she received following her attack on Barber.

After sharing she had received a “dousing of hate” in response, the anti-vaxxer apologised for using the term “fat slob” in “the heat of the moment” but reiterated that the “hate doesn’t bother me one little bit”.

“Hate doesn’t bother me one little bit. My father never vaccinated us kids and has long understood the corruption of big pharma — he’s one of the most intelligent, informed men I’ve ever met,” Holman wrote on Facebook, where she publicly shares many of her views against vaccination and lockdown.

“My mother was an Aboriginal activist and took up space in areas fighting for justice. I’m their proud daughter and I was born for this battle,” she continued. “I won’t back down. There are so many others holding the line and occupying the territory they were called to occupy. Bring it on.”

In her own follow-up video, Celeste Barber decided to be troll anti-vaxxers right back. In a TikTok, the comedian decided to sarcastically share her experience of actually being able to “see” the ~scary~ 5G before the vaccine was charged by the sunlight and injected into her in the hopes of calming anti-vaxxer’s nerves.

“I just wanted to quickly jump on here and just speak to mainly anti-vaxxers. I hear that you guys are freaking out. I do, I really hear it — and I can feel it,” Barber started sincerely, before very quickly taking the piss out of those suspicious of the vaccine.

“I just want you to know that when I got my first Pfizer shot about a week ago, the nurse who gave it to me… she actually shows you the 5G before she puts it in the vial, which is really good. I don’t think many people know that,” she continued.

“Also, I was very surprised — it blew my mind — at how small Bill Gates DNA is that it also fits in the vial with the 5G.”

Then Barber set her sights on those who think they know more than qualified healthcare professionals, who tirelessly work in the field every day, all because they read one Facebook post about the power of sunlight.

“And the nurse, who’s been a nurse for 20 years or something, was saying to me as well how grateful she is that she can get all the information from people who sell felt hats at the markets and they know so much about it. She was super appreciative of it,” said Barber.

“So I just want you guys to know that they are being really transparent about it. Of course, I know the anti-vaxxer people are really worried, but they do hold the vial out in direct sunlight for all while as well,” said Barber. “To get all that healing sunlight in because that’s what gonna heal us and keep us safe from an international pandemic.”

“The nursing staff on the frontline are really appreciative of your… information. Fucking idiots.”

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Celeste Barber for prime minister.