This Aussie Comedian Has Taken The Piss Of Those Awful Celebrity Coronavirus Solidarity Videos

"It's time for us normal people to say thank you," Greta Lee Jackson says in the video.

Greta Lee Jackson coronavirus celebrity video

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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives in innumerable ways — forcing us inside, ruining entire industries, and changing the way that we communicate. Oh, and prompting a deluge of tone-deaf videos from celebrities.

Yep, pretty much from the beginning of this mess, the rich and the powerful have decided to show solidarity with us regular folk by shooting sing-alongs on their iPhones on the grounds of their massive mansions.

Ellen DeGeneres, who is embroiled in controversy over claims that staff on her show are allegedly not receiving fair treatment post-shutdown, has compared social isolation to “being in prison”. Idris Elba has suggested that we should go into isolation for a few weeks every single year to pay our respects (?) for this year’s pandemic. And Gal Gadot has organised a sing-along of ‘Imagine’ that gave everyone a good look at how the other half live.

Now, Australia comedian Greta Lee Jackson has taken the piss of these bourgeois parasites with her own video that flips the narrative. Yep, Jackson’s video is a tribute to the all the hard work celebrities have done in getting us ordinary nobodies through the greatest period of social upheaval since the Second World War.

“It’s time for us normal people to say thank you,” Jackson says.

From there, we cut to a doctor, speaking directly to camera.

“I see a number of deaths every day and the constant threat of being infected and taking that home to my family is terrifying. But the one thing that gives me the strength to do my job every day is watching Ellen broadcast from her mansion.”

Basically, the whole thing is a call to arms, and a pertinent reminder that celebrities don’t give half a shit about you or your family — now or ever.

Watch it in full here: