Cate Blanchett Made Jimmy Fallon Very Nervous By Calling Trump “Absurd” And Talking About Dicks

She also slagged off America a bit, because why not.

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Cate Blanchett doesn’t care. She has two Academy Awards, is so casually successful that she can mention shooting “an Ocean’s thing” like it means nothing, and she lives in Australia. If anyone is going to go to town on President Trump, it’s gonna be her.

Blanchett appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and was her usual frank self, which cut through Fallon’s sugary energy in a very refreshing fashion. After taking some gum out of her mouth and moulding it into a phallic shape on the desk — something only she can do with dignity — Cate remarked: “the phallus seems an appropriate symbol in this country right now… with tiny little balls.”

Jimmy began yelling “STOP DOING THAT!” to which she replied, “Are you threatened by that?” She then spent the rest of the segment slagging off Americans for doing things like leaving sports games early when their team is losing, and subtly undermining them by repeatedly saying “this country” in a tone of disgust.

Later Cate decided to turn a boring talkshow game into a running gag about Trump, at one point snorting like a pig and yelling “how many times has he been bankrupt?”

“It’s almost as absurd and ridiculous as a man who has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, who is running the largest economy in the world!” she said as the crowd went wild.

We all protest in our own ways.

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“Then a hero comes along…”