This Cat Hitting A High Note Is All Anyone’s Talking About Today

We could have had it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

cat memes

As we all know, the internet was invented purely as a means of digitally storing, sharing and editing images of cats. Everything else the internet can do or has done is secondary to cats.

So today it’s great to get back to the basics of this whole damn system of wires (?) with some A-grade feline-focused content.

Look at this cat! Look at this abnormally fluffy and rotund cat! YOU MUST LOOK AT THE CAT!

This cat is the internet’s favourite cat today with just one tweet of the fuzzball setting off a storm of semi-virality, all around people guessing what song she appears to be belting out.

Are we certain the cat is singing and not perhaps crying out in guttural anguish to the empty black abyss that is existence, performing a futile expression of its ceaseless ennui? No, we do not. But fuck it let’s all just pretend it’s definitely singing.

Some of the responses to the query of “what song is kitty singing” are as expected, with badass belters Whitney, Mariah and Adele all getting numerous votes as well as Queen, of course. It’s the more obscure guesses, such as ‘Smelly Cat’ and a particularly astute Brooklyn 99 reference that really tickled us.

Of course, the cat got memed as well, in the style of our very own Jimmy Barnes Screams From Behind A Mountain From That Weird Kirin J Callinan Music Video Meme. You know the one…

Thank you singing cat, for everything. Fingers crossed you don’t turn out to be a huge racist! I hate when that happens!