Cat & Calmell Suck: “I Am A Spicy Ramen Fiend”

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Eora pop duo Cat & Calmell make music that’ll help you feel less alone.

They’ve just released their new mini-album, How Do You Feel?, and it’s powered emotional memories. Across the seven tracks on How Do You Feel?, the duo turn the pain they’ve accumulated into pop music that’s constantly pulsating and mutating. Working with producers like Nick Ward, Taka Perry and more, each song exists as its own little world without feeling disjointed: the thumping ‘Still Mine’, raucous ‘Consumed’ and the downbeat, almost-resigned closing title track all sit snugly together, despite the gaps in their energy levels. 

It’s reasonable to expect to experience some form of healing catharsis after engaging with such a vulnerable project, but getting to the end of How Do You Feel? doesn’t provide a sense of closure. Instead, listening to How Do You Feel? mirrors the experience of trying to process trauma while continuing to stay alive. The flurry of activity has happened, and the race has been run. Now, the rest of your life is ahead of us. At some point, the feelings won’t sit on our chest — but there’s no way to know when that day might be. We just have to keep on keeping on. 

To mark the release of How Do You Feel?, Junkee spoke to the duo to learn more about Cat’s lack of sleep, Calmell’s love of vintage clothing and much more. Not getting enough sleep sucks — it can turn even the loveliest human into a total grump. Of course, maybe that’s just my experience with myself. 

Junkee: A mistake that turned into an opportunity?

Both: We became friends on a questionable trip to LA when we were teenagers (definitely a mistake in hindsight) BUT it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and collaborative partnership!

Cringe quote you used to live by?

Cat: “Reach for the moon, cause even if you fail you’ll land amongst the stars ~.”

Calmell: “Life sucks then you die” — commonly quoted by my dad!

Worst advice you got and blindly followed?

Calmell: To grow out my eyebrows by a modelling agent, it was not the look for me.

The worst failure you’re up for sharing, and what you learned from it?

Both: More than one big failure is just the constant rejections and setbacks throughout life, and what we’ve learned is that if you let it consume you, you’re never going to be able to progress.

Anything you used to be wrong about?

Both: Probably just about everything? 

Embarrassing internet habit?

Cat: Endless TikTok scrolling, like… endless… I’ve reached the point of TikTok where they start showing me the most random shit cause the algorithm doesn’t even know what to do with me.

Calmell: Currently in a deep ingrown toenail removal hole right now (not hating it though, everyone around me seems to be).

Ideal morning routine versus actual morning routine?

Both: Ideal: Wake up at 6am, yoga/workout, make breakfast and read then officially start the day.

Reality: Wake up late and run for a class/meeting/appointment we’re already late for.

Something very off-brand for you?

Calmell: That I really enjoy playing Baldur’s Gate!

Cat: Nothing, I’m very on-brand and if it seems off-brand it’s just cause you don’t know my brand.

Bad health decision?

Cat: Averaging two hours of sleep a night.

Calmell: I am a spicy ramen fiend (to the point of concerning health issues).

What do you waste money on?

Calmell: Lots of little knick knacks, mainly Hello Kitty or Twilight paraphernalia.

Cat: Way too much vintage clothing… no one needs that much vintage clothing (but like, maybe I do though).

Worst procrastination habit?

Both: Entering a dissociative state and falling down the treacherous rabbit hole of internet media.

Cat & Calmell’s new mini-album How Do You Feel? is out now. 

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Illustration credit: Matt Lauricella, @pigeonboyart 

Image Credit: Supplied