The Internet Is Shocked James Corden Doesn’t Actually Drive During ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Carpool Karaoke? More like car-pull karaoke.

carpool karaoke fake james corden not driving

Whether you watch James Corden’s talkshow or not, you’d still know all about Carpool Karaoke.

A popular segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, Carpool Karaoke sees various celebrities “helping” James with his drive to work. During these drives the celebrity pair usually sing, dance, and get changed into some sort of weird outfit — all pretty distracting actives to do while driving.

So it really shouldn’t be all that surprising that someone’s caught James Corden filming Carpool Karaoke while not actually driving. Zoli Honig spotted James Corden behind the wheel of his iconic Range Rover as it was hooked up to a towing rig.

Sitting outside an LA cafe, Zoli zoomed in on the car’s windows to reveal Justin Bieber sitting next to James, the king of carpooling. “Saw James Corden and Justin Bieber filming Carpool Karaoke,” Zoli tweeted. “This is why I have trust issues – he isn’t even driving!”

Despite accidentally calling the show host “Justin Corden”, the video clearly showed the car rigged with cameras but placed atop a pulley system. Similar to the rigs used in movies with driving scenes, another person in the area took to Twitter to share a clearer photo of the towing system.

After seeing the footage, the internet couldn’t handle the revelation that Carpool Karaoke might actually just be a huge lie.

But James not driving during the segment actually makes a lot of sense considering just how distracted he is during Carpool Karaoke. I mean, the whole looking into the cameras instead of at the road thing doesn’t really make James the safest chauffeur out there.

Plus, having to give his attention to interviewing his guests and remembering lyrics is also a lot to do while navigating the streets of Los Angeles.

But some people came to James Corden’s defence, sharing photos of times they saw Carpool Karaoke being filmed without a rig. For example, one woman shared a photo she captured from One Direction’s episode and another from Katy Perry’s turn.

These conflicting accounts caused confusion over whether Carpool Karaoke was actually real or fake, so The Late Late Show weighed in to set the record straight. After speculation over the legitimacy of the segment, in a statement the show explained that “James always drives during Carpool Karaoke. However, on the rare occasion when there is a stunt component and the producers feel it is unsafe to drive, we will use a rig (tow).”

The statement, which really did nothing to clear anything up, simply implies that there will have to be a “stunt component” in the Justin Bieber episode of the show. But if Justin’s strange, desperate comeback strategy is anything to go by, I wouldn’t rule anything stunt-like out at all.

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