Another Woman Has Been Sexually Assaulted Just 2km From Where Eurydice Dixon Was Attacked

Police are calling on anyone with any information on the attack to come forward.

In more devastating evidence of just how frequent sexual assault remains in this country, police report that another woman was sexually assaulted in Melbourne’s Carlton area last week, less than two kilometres from the park where Eurydice Dixon was murdered.

The attack occurred after two women in their thirties caught a taxi to the intersection of Grattan and Lygon Street just after 4am on Sunday, June 17. One of the women then entered a convenience store, while the other remained on the street corner.

Police believe the woman on the street corner was then picked up in a vehicle around 4.30am, and was then sexually assaulted in an unknown location. She called the police when she returned to her northern suburbs home around 5.30am.

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the attack, or anyone who saw the women on the night in question, to come forward. They believe a number of people on Lygon Street may have been witnesses, and have released footage of a silver ute and three men who were in the area at the time and may have witnessed something.

Information about the witnesses the police are seeking, as well as the clothes the women were wearing, are available on the Victoria Police website here — if you live in the area, please take a look.

carlton sexual assault

Police believe the two men pictured above may be witnesses. The silver ute was also sighted in the area on the night. If you can identify any of them, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Officer in charge of the Sexual Crimes Squad, Detective Inspector Steve Wilson, said “it’s enormously concerning whenever someone is sexually assaulted, however I understand that this will be particularly worrying for people who live around that area given recent events.”

“I want to reassure the community that we are doing absolutely everything we can to identify those responsible for this matter.”

“People have the right to go out at night and enjoy themselves in our city – for a young woman’s night to end this way is absolutely unacceptable.”

This latest assault is a sad reminder of just how frequently young women’s nights do end this way, though. It’s worth noting that this is by no means the only sexual assault or harassment Eurydice Dixon’s death just one week ago — in the news just yesterday, police were appealing for information on a man who allegedly masturbated in front of a woman on a train in Melbourne’s north-east.

There are also so many instances of sexual assault or harassment that don’t go reported or make headlines, especially in weeks when there haven’t just been massive vigils to commemorate victims of sexual violence. If you live in the Carlton area, take the time to look at the pictures and information the cops are circulating, so we can try to make sure someone’s held to account for this one.