We Need A Royal Commission Into What Cara Delevingne Was Doing At The BBMAs

"If I was Megan I would push that b*tch out of my way."

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We do not condone any sort of abuse, but the question remains: how did Cara Delevingne make it through the 2022 Billboard Music Awards without getting seriously yelled at?

And to that point, why was Cara Delevingne, noted non-musician, even at the BBMAs in the first place? These are the lingering questions that hang over footage from the event showing Delevingne seemingly doing her best to make women uncomfortable, particularly Black women, including Megan Thee Stallion and Azealia Banks.

Take, for example, whatever in christ’s name is going on here.

Or indeed, this cursed situation.

There she is. Lurking.

It’s hard not to notice that she seems to be exclusively getting into the space of Black women who seemed visibly annoyed by her presence. I mean, what is going on here? Did she have to do the tongue thing? And why was she running her hand down the fabric of Megan’s dress, yet again?

Oh, and here is Cara springing up like a meerkat into a conversation between Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. According to Vulture, she apparently emerged to say that she loved that singer, to which Doja Cat responded: “Oh my God. Hi, Cara Delevingne”.

Yep, Cara Delevingne was a bona fide agent of chaos all evening. And look, it’s not the end of the world. From the clips we’ve seen, it doesn’t look like she hurt anyone. (Not physically, anyway.) But it’s hard to imagine a world where a woman of any other ethnicity would be afforded this kind of grace.

Ms Delevingne should really thank her lucky stars for her European ancestry because god knows a woman of colour who did the same would be blamed for the downfall of civilisation. Or at the very least, asked to leave.

Photo by Megan Small/FilmMagic