Why Captain Marvel Punched An Old Lady, And Everything Else We Learned In The New Trailer

There are a lot of theories about Captain Marvel's cat.

Captain Marvel

Alright, the new Captain Marvel trailer has finally dropped and we’re all jumping up and down like absolute idiots, hooting and hollering into the darkness. It’s just so good!

It’s got a strong mood, we get to see a bunch of laser hands and spaceships and explosions and Marvel’s first female-led superhero film looks DANG inspiring.

But it’s also worth looking at some of the FACTS we picked up from this trailer. Let’s come together and learn, friends.

Skrulls Are The Bad Guys

Lol, as Nick Fury so helpfully explains at the very beginning of the trailer: “So, Skrulls are the bad guys… and you’re a Kree, a race of noble warriors?”

Skrulls and Kree, we’re just a crazy bunch Skrulls and Kree! I have a suspicion — based off an extensive knowledge of both narrative and the Marvel Universe — that things are not quite as black and white as Fury says, but cool, whatever. Shapeshifting Skrulls are bad. OR ARE THEY?????


Since the first teaser-trailer, Captain Marvel fans have been wandering around crying, trying to work out how Carol Danvers goes from Earth to space, and why she doesn’t remember her human past. The answer is: she lost her memories. OK!

Dermatologists HATE Captain Marvel

The other big question is: how does she look so young? Is it that weird foreskin face-mask? Is it a Goop thing? No — it’s just Kree technology and good genes, baby!

Honestly, sign me up for that de-aging and laser hand goodness please.

Annette Bening

Iconic actress Annette Bening is in the film, and people are excited purely about that.

She clearly plays some kind of authority figure in Kree society (the good guys, remember), which people are speculating could be either Kree Supreme Intelligence (which is basically what it says on the label) or Mar-Vell, a confusing character from classic Captain Marvel comic-lore.

Annette Bening appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was extremely secretive about her role, refusing to offer much in the way of details. “It was so much fun,” she told Kimmel, “and I can’t tell you why, because then it would give something away.”

Clearly there’s some kind of reveal in store for the nerds.

Also, Ben Mendelsohn is there!

Top Gun?

So, comic-nerds would know that Captain Marvel’s cat is named ‘Chewie’, as reference to Chewbace from Star Wars.

However, in the movie, it’s been changed to Goose, because Top Gun is a great reference for a fighter pilot from the nineties.

Goose, The Alien Cat

Let’s talk about Goose.

Goose is not just a cat — canonically, Goose is an alien being called a Flerken. Thats why it’s funny that Nick Fury is petting him so much. Hah hah.

But also, there’s a pretty robust fan theory that GOOSE is the reason Nick Fury loses his eye and takes up his iconic eye-patch couture. He famously says in The Avengers that he lost his eye by trusting the wrong person. Wrong person — or wrong alien cat?????

It’s Gonna Be SO GOOD

I actually cannot wait! And we’re gonna get an Infinity War trailer soon too!

Captain Marvel hits cinemas March 7th.