The Full ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Un-Brie-Lievably Good

Brie Larson! Jude Law! Ben 'Mendo' Mendelsohn! Spaceships! Explosions! It's all here mates.

captain marvel header 23

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After a short teaser dropped a few months back, we’ve finally been blessed with the full-length trailer for the super-hyped Captain Marvel movie and yes, it rules.

Set to be the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fronted by a woman, Captain Marvel sees angelic Academy Award winner Brie Larson in the titular ass-kicking role. A role mind you, which has constantly been touted as the strongest/most powerful superhero Marvel movies are yet to see. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that hype folks!

The first teaser was appropriately vague on who exactly this filmic version of Carol Danvers really is, showcasing a mix of Larson as a regular-Jo airforce fighter pilot on Earth as well as the super-powered cosmic beast Captain Marvel but with zero links between the two. Speculation that memory-loss and/or time-travel will be a big part of her journey was rife and has been somewhat confirmed by the new trailer.

Joining Larson in the cast are MCU stalwarts Samuel L Jackson and Clark Gregg, de-aged via CGI techniques to fit into the early 90s setting, as well as Aussie villain extraordinaire Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law, who finally gets some juicy screen time in the new trailer.

The latest Captain Marvel footage comes red hot off the back of this shiny new poster which dropped over the weekend, putting Larson front and centre as the next big lead character for the seemingly endless run of MCU franchise flicks.

captain marvel poster new

Speaking of new Marvel trailers, you’re gonna want to keep an eye out for the even more hyped teaser for the still untitled fourth Avengers flick, which depending on which rumour you’re running with, should drop either Wednesday US time, sometime next week, or maybe simply never because Disney hates you.

Anyway let’s stop screwing around and dive into the trailer we DO have right below shall we? Captain Marvel hits cinemas March 7th.