Deleted Scene Shows What Happens When Some Douchebag Asks Captain Marvel To Smile

Big mistake.

Captain Marvel deleted scene

One of the unfortunate talking points surrounding Captain Marvel concerns stupid, stupid men. Pissy internet boys were beside themselves in the lead-up to the movie’s release, crying their salty tears when Brie Larson called out the prevalence of white men in film criticism and film commentary, and waging a hilariously ineffective campaign to try and kill the blockbuster at the box office.

Of course the filmmakers weren’t blind to this phenomenon, and actually included a couple of digs at scummy idiots in the final cut — including one scene where Captain Marvel steals a biker’s motorcycle after he asks her for a smile. But an extended version of the scene that recently hit the web reveals that it was originally written as a more a direct confrontation. And might I say, it is extremely satisfying to watch.

Look, I get editors need to cut stuff for pacing reasons. But I do kind of wish they’d found a way to keep this.