Here’s A Deeply Weird Video Of Captain Getup Rubbing Himself On A Poster Of Tony Abbott’s Rival

It's almost like conservatives have a massive problem with women trying to enter politics.

Captain GetUp Zali Steggall poster

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The election campaign has been underway for less than a week, and it’s already gone completely to shit. Case in point: the creators of Captain GetUp have come under fire after posting a video of the conservative mascot grinding up against a poster of Tony Abbott’s chief political rival, Zali Steggall.

Captain GetUp, in case you’ve been lucky enough to avoid him until now, is a truly bizarre fake spokesman/superhero for the activist organisation GetUp! who was actually created by Advance Australia, a conservative group who’ve made it their mission to get Abbott reelected. How having a weirdo in orange spandex running around the electorate is meant to be helpful isn’t really clear, but maybe I’m missing something.

Over the weekend, the Captain tweeted a video of himself dancing suggestively up against a poster of Steggall and Bill Shorten. The clip has since been deleted, but not before it could be re-shared by a number of social media users who were less than impressed.

Actual GetUp! national director Paul Oosting has called Advance Australia “group of rich white men on a campaign to make themselves richer”. So if nothing else, this whole stunt seems extremely on brand.

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