You’re Not Missing Out If You Can’t Afford To Travel This Mid-Sem Break

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We all know the painful sting of staying put while our friends gallivant across the globe. Two scrolls on Instagram and we’re full of FOMO and envy.

But, although travel is undeniably an amazing experience and a great thing to do, sometimes it’s just not an affordable option. It could be that rent’s due, your savings are lower than your GPA, or there’s a pressing internship opportunity you can’t say no to. Whatever the reason you’re not jet-setting around the world, you shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out or doing life wrong.

Just minimise your social media time. You don’t need to see Becky reflecting on her life in the Greek Islands for the third semester break in a row. (Tone it down, Becky.)

It’ll Pay Off Later

Whatever you’re spending your semester break doing, — picking up extra shifts, starting on a hobby, seeing friends — it’s valuable. As long as you don’t spend your entire break turning into a couch potato churning through your Netflix account.

Seriously though, it might feel as though you’re wasting your sweet time by saving a few dollars or grinding through an internship in an industry you’re not even 100 per cent sure about yet, but you’re not. You’re learning new skills, building resilience, and adding valuable bulk to your resume.

You’ll Be Ready When Next Semester Arrives

It may seem like I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel by saying, “Hey, at least the start of next semester will be less shitty than your friends having to fly back home!” But hear me out.

Rest is extremely important, and sometimes your body really needs to just stay put for a month or two and reboot. Plus, no bed bugs!

Your brain will be ready and rearing to go when classes start back up, and feeling fresh means you’ll get more out of your semester. And isn’t that what you’re giving up your sweet time and money for right now anyway? Might as well get as much out of your degree as possible!

Be A Tourist In Your City/Town

Sure, sipping on a glass of sangria in Barcelona might seem really cool but have you ever been a tourist in your own city? No need for a giant map and having to ask for directions in bad Spanish or with weird mimes, you have a working phone with Google maps!

Exploring the nooks and crannies of the place you live in can be a deeply rewarding experience. And what better time than semester break to finally go to all those places you’ve been meaning to go for well over a year now. Forgo airport security and take a stroll around your own city! Who knows what you could find?

Your Time Will Come

It feels really disheartening getting updates from your mates slinging hearts in clubs across Europe while you’re at boring old home. Sometimes it just bloody stinks. But just because you’re not filling your passport with stamps right now, doesn’t mean you never will! Your time will come. It might be in a year, or in five, and when it does, it’ll be grand.

Your semester break isn’t a total waste just because you can’t afford to travel. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it, just enjoy it. Who knows, maybe you don’t need a foreign city to find yourself, maybe you can do it on a ciggie break in the alley behind your waitressing gig.