Candace Owens Just Compared Australia To The Taliban And Says The US Should “Invade” Us

"When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime?"

candace owens

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Conservative right-wing commentator Candace Owens has compared Australia to the Taliban, asserting that the US should “invade” in a new episode of her late night talk show Candace.

Owens, who has spouted some pretty outlandish views around COVID, gave a lengthy monologue on the situation in Australia on her show on Tuesday night.

Throughout the speech, Owens reads a message she received from a friend of her husband’s family in Queensland, explaining the COVID-19 restrictions we have all lived with on and off throughout the last two years.

“She was expressing how the mental state of everyone around her is in steep decline. She shared with him a message that she had received from a friend of hers — a woman who lives in Queensland — and the message is genuinely shocking,” said Owens.

She then outlined restrictions on guests in houses and at events like funerals, curfews, QR code check-in, and the five reasons to leave the house during stage four restrictions. Owens also discussed state border closures — which have been a sore spot for thousands of Australians throughout the pandemic — but notably neglected to mention the fact that largely, these strict closures have only been in place during large outbreaks. While nobody likes border closures, it is simply incorrect to assert that all borders have been like this throughout the entire pandemic.

“This is going on right now, in Australia,” she says.

She then goes so far as to compare the situation in Australia right now to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

“For the last 20 years, the United States has spent trillions of dollars overseas in Afghanistan fighting a war — which we lost, by the way. But we were told that the war was necessary anyway, it was necessary, the slaughtering of American sons and daughters on foreign soil because we were fighting a noble cause — to spread democracy in a tyrannical land, to free an oppressed people,” she said.

“So I’m going to ask those same lecturing politicians and media members a question now: when do we deploy troops to Australia? When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime? When do we spend trillions of dollars to spread democracy in Australia?”

Sure, Australia has been under some pretty strict public health orders, but this — by definition — is not totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is “a political system in which those in power have complete control and do not allow people freedom to oppose them” and while some freedoms to protest have been limited due to genuine public health and safety risk, every single Australian citizen has the right to exercise their opinion at the next local, state and federal election and vote the people in power out.

“Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state, its citizens are quite literally being imprisoned against their will. So when do we deploy?” Owens asked, before going on to use Australia as a bouncing off point to cast doubt on the US government, and the virus altogether. Go figure.