Sorry, But The TikTok Dance Remix Of Candace Owens’ Rant About “Invading” Australia Slaps

COVID EDM is the music genre we never knew we needed.

Candace Owens Invade Australia TikTok Dance Remix Get On The Beers Fisher Candy Moore

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Last week, Candace Owens did the unthinkable: The right-wing pundit united the whole of Australia when she shared her terrible take that the US should “invade” the country to free Australians from our allegedly “tyrannical” COVID-19 regulations.

On her late-night talk show Candace, Owens compared Australia’s government to the Taliban because of the restrictions we’ve had in place to avoid a similar 740,000 coronavirus death toll that the US has amassed in the last two years.

“When do we deploy troops to Australia? When do we invade Australia and free an oppressed people who are suffering under a totalitarian regime?” Owens asked after listing off what was allegedly happening Down Under via a third-hand account from a “friend” of her husband’s family in Queensland.

“Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state, whose people are quite literally being imprisoned against their will,” she continued. “We are watching a replay of the early ambitions of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez.”

“Can anybody explain to me in simple sentences why the Australian government is any better or any nobler than the Taliban?” she ended her statement, genuinely trying to liken Australia’s COVID restrictions to the literal tyrannical reign of the Taliban in Afghanistan where women are being murdered for doing simple things like having a job.

“Both groups believe they have the right to oppress and the right to imprison people for their own good.”

As expected, as soon as people heard Owen’s painfully misguided stance about Australia needing to be “saved” by the US, Australians agreed that the right-wing pundit had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

And so, because of just how laughable it is that an American thinks that Australia needs saving when it comes to anything about coronavirus, Candace Owen’s bonkers rant was swiftly turned into a TikTok dance remix.

Making @bastardfroggy’s manifestation of “I give it two weeks before someone makes a club remix to this” come true, producer Candy Moore mashed up Owens’ speech with Fisher’s classic ‘Losing It’ for the most Australian response unwanted advice ever — and I regret to inform you that it slaps.

Giving Candace Owens’ the same treatment that Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech and Dan Andrews’ ‘Get On The Beers’ presser received in 2020, people are now vibing out to the ‘When Do We Deploy… Cause I’m Losing It’ remix on TikTok.

And honestly, sharing videos drinking in large groups of people, both outdoors and in nightclubs, is a great way to prove Owens’ statements that Australians are “oppressed” and living under a “totalitarian regime”entirely wrong.

But if that wasn’t already iconic enough, Candy Moore made his Candace Owens remix that much sweeter by combining his original Fisher remix with Dan Andrew’s classic ‘Get On The Beers’ after being bombarded with requests.

So I’ll catch y’all at the 2021 Hottest 100 when Dan Andrews places again, I guess.

You can find the full three-minute long ‘When Do We Get On The Beers ‘Cause I’m Losing It’ remix on Candy Moore’s Soundcloud here.