This New Premix Donates To Conservation Efforts, So Drink Up If You Love The Planet

C.A.N is a new vodka-soda premix that donates ten percent of its profits to conservation partners like Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Brought to you by C.A.N - Create Action Now

Feel good while you sip. Be a C.A.N, don’t be a CAN’T.

Of all the premixes we’ve cracked open on our sunny shores recently, C.A.N might be the very best.

The new vodka-soda mix is launching with two lip-smacking flavours, Ruby Grapefruit and Pineapple & Passionfruit, but it’s got more going for it than the taste. With every drink purchased, C.A.N donates to Australian conservation efforts.

The brand is teaming up with a range of conservation partners and has already donated $5000 to Conservation Volunteers Australia’s #SeaToSource project to prevent ocean litter.

It’s not just a one-off donation to mark the brand’s launch, either. C.A.N is committed to donating ten percent of its ongoing profits to its partners. The business will even be volunteering with these conservation efforts as part of the partnership.

So, when can you get your hands on these world-changing drinks? C.A.N, always on theme, is launching just in time for Keep Australia Beautiful Week. During this week, from August 16–22, you can make a pledge to give up plastic items like takeaway coffee cups and plastic drink bottles, and use eco-friendly alternatives instead. Everyone who shares their pledge online will go into the running to win prizes.

Look for the low-sugar, low-calorie, and tasty as hell vodka-soda mixes on shelves on August 16. You can find them in the cooler section with the other premixes, and you’ll spot them by their bright and colourful designs.

C.A.N stands for ‘Create. Action. Now’ because that’s what the brand wants to do with every drink it sells. You’re literally supporting Australian land, water, and air conservation efforts every time you crack open a cold one. As if there’s ever been a better time to drink up (responsibly).

Don’t be a CAN’T – join the C.A.N-munity here.

Images courtesy of C.A.N