Cairns Is Extremely Upset That Tom Gleeson Dragged The Shit Out Of Cairns

They cairn't take a joke.

Tom Gleeson Cairns

Tom Gleeson has roasted the absolute crap out of Cairns, and Cairns is very upset about it.

The city in far north Queensland was featured in a fake travel segment on Wednesday night’s episode of The Weekly.

“An hour south of the beautiful and infinitely better Port Douglas, Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, in the same way that marijuana is a gateway to meth,” explains Gleeson.

“Unless you want to visit somewhere with the same weather as a human armpit, don’t come here.”

Gleeson goes on to describe Cairns as “a tropical shithole”, and jokes that “flights depart regularly from capital cities all over Australia, but if you’re lucky your plane will be diverted to somewhere much better.”

Later in the segment, Gleeson does a spot of snorkelling on the reef, where he observes that “everything’s fucking dead”.

The roast did not go down well with the team at The Cairns Post, who on Thursday morning published a scathing opinion piece sledging Gleeson and his “sarcastic, sensationalist drivel”.

Writer Alicia Nally said it was obvious Gleeson had to “scrounge hard for material these days”, and insisted that his claims about the death of the Great Barrier Reef were “codswallop”.

She also suggested that the comedian was just upset that “he couldn’t enjoy the beautiful Far North weather because he’s a ranga”.

Most brutally, she said Gleeson was less funny than his boss, Charlie Pickering.

Still, it doesn’t seem like Gleeson was too upset by the piece. In fact he even shared it on Twitter.