PSA: How To Help Animals During Bushfire Season

There's a couple of things everyone should do.

NSW bushfires

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Bushfire season is well and truly upon us, and this year looks worse than most.

There are no shortage of tragedies to come out of the recent bushfires, but news of an estimated 350 koalas being incinerated near Port Macquarie was particularly hard to stomach.

During extreme weather events wildlife are also struggling — but there are easy things you can do to help.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects rainfall to be below average for the rest of the year, while daytime temperatures are likely to be warmer than average across most of Australia.

These are just a few things you can do at home to help local wildlife through the extreme heat.

Leave water out
Fill up a shallow bowl and leave it in the shade, ideally near shrubs or trees. Make sure it is shallow so small birds do not become trapped and drown.

Keep dogs and cats inside
This will keep them out of the heat while allowing wildlife to access water safely.

Cover your pool
Animals trying to access water can drown in pools.

Plant trees and shrubs
This will create shade and shelter.

Learn to identify heat-stressed animals
Some signs include seeing nocturnal animals during the day, seeing tree-dwelling animals on the ground and seeing birds or animals displaying any loss of balance, collapse, confusion or panting.

Prepare an emergency kit in case you spot heat-stressed wildlife
Any emergency kit should include water, a blanket or towel, and a box.

If you find injured or distressed wildlife:

Wrap them loosely in a towel, put them in a cardboard box and place it in a cool, quiet place. While you should definitely offer them water it’s best not to give them any food. Do not wrap heat-stressed animals in wet towels or submerse them in water.

You should also contact one of the many wildlife rescue agencies across Australia. For more local agencies, search your postcode at

New South Wales:
WIRES — 1300 094 737

RSPCA Wildlife – (02) 6287 8100

Wildlife Victoria – 1300 094 535

RSPCA QLD — 1300 264 625

Northern Territory:
Wildcare NT Darwin — 0408 885 341 or (08) 8988 6121

South Australia:
SA Fauna Rescue — (08) 8289 0896

Western Australia:
Wildcare — (08) 9474 9055

Bonorong Sanctuary (03) 6268 1184