A Bunch Of Uni Students Have Shot A Nude Calendar To Help Raise Money For Greyhounds

"We’d like to confirm no animals were harmed during the photoshoots."

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Every year students studying veterinary science at the University of Sydney shoot a nude calendar. It’s a tradition shrouded in a long and mysterious history. Seriously — no one knows when it began! But it is all for a good cause.

The fourth year students put together the calendar, featuring animals belonging to the faculty, to help raise funds for charity. Last year the students threw their support behind drought affected farmers. This year a record 75 veterinary students took their kits off and got involved to do their bit for charity.

The charity of choice was the Friends of the Hound greyhound adoption group. Ellen Parker, one of the students featured in the calendar, told Junkee that the charity was an easy choice.  “When we were discussing which charity to support this year the greyhound ban had just been put in place,” she said. “Whether or not you’re pro-ban, greyhounds will always be looking for forever homes and we thought what better charity to support than one dedicated to caring for and re-homing greyhounds.”

Getting naked in front of your peers and agreeing to have the photos shared online and in a calendar sounds pretty bloody terrifying. But Ellen says charity is a great motivating force. “We all believe in going the extra mile to raise awareness and support for a good cause,” she told Junkee.

“The calendar has become an annual tradition for the faculty and we can’t be more excited to get our turn to have a bit of cheeky fun and help make a difference. I was super nervous leading up to the shoot, it’s not every day you see the better part of your year at uni in their birthday suits! Once the clothes actually came off though everyone relaxed and had a great time despite some honks from passing cars!”

horse dude

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The students have also put together a ‘behind the scenes’ video capturing all the fun and games that went into the production of the calendar.

The photoshoot involved lots of interaction between the students and the animals they care for. Some of the feedback to the calendar so far has questioned how happy the animals were to take part. “We’ve definitely received a few jokes about the animals involved but we’d like to confirm no animals were harmed during the photoshoots,” Ellen said.

You can find out more about the Free Range Vets by checking out their Facebook page. The calendars are on sale for $20 each and all profits will be donated to Friends of the Hound. Get behind the cause and do your bit for charity here.


Look at the greyhounds! Help save them! Buy a calendar.