Take A Tour Through Budjerah’s Astonishingly Good Debut EP

There's a reason critics and fans can't stop talking about Budjerah.

budjerah EP photo

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Last Tuesday night, Budjerah stepped onto a candlelit stage at Sydney’s Lansdowne pub in front of a room of eagle-eared industry execs. Armed with just his Maton guitar, the 19-year-old wunderkind from Fingal Head swept through tracks from his debut self-titled EP, which has just dropped.

To say the crowd was floored was an understatement — you could hear a pin drop in the packed room, Budjerah’s huge and honeyed voice demanding every ounce of attention. You got a distinct feeling, a feeling which doesn’t come along often, that you were witnessing someone at the very beginning of a very big career.

His self-titled EP was produced by Matt Corby, whose studio is near Budjerah’s home on the North Coast. Together, they’ve sculpted an EP that takes influences from gospel, future soul and R&B, and pop. Corby’s production is light, making room for Budjerah’s formidable pipes to come soaring through the instrumentation.

To celebrate its release, the soft-spoken Budjerah has offered to lead us through the four tracks, and gifted us some behind-the-scenes photos as well. Get around it below — so you can tell your friends you were across Budjerah before he exploded.

Photo Credit: Tatjana Hamilton

‘Missing You’

‘Missing You’ was the last song that we wrote. It’s about missing being around people. I just left school to keep doing music and I missed being around my friends five days a week. The COVID lockdown didn’t help, I really missed everyone, and I think ‘Missing You’ really reflects that.

Photo Credit: Tatjana Hamilton


When we wrote ‘Higher’ I was having a really good week, it was sunny and I felt like dancing. Me and Matt had heaps of fun making this, we just jammed the whole time. I started the song in my bedroom, just the hook and the guitar parts, then I showed it to Matt and he did his thing on the bass and absolutely killed it.

Matt Corby and Budjerah

‘Shoulda Coulda’

‘Shoulda Coulda’ is my favourite track, it was the second song we wrote and is a massive contrast to the previous track ‘Higher’. It’s about when you have those tough days and you just want to go back to bed because nothing is working out. That’s how I was feeling the week it was written.. I had gotten Logic Pro x on my laptop and I couldn’t figure how to work it and I got super frustrated and went back to bed. I went to the studio the next day and it was raining and it didn’t make me feel any better, so I just let it out as ‘Shoulda Coulda’.


‘Pyro’ is the first song me and Matt wrote together. It’s very moody and dark sounding. ‘Pyro’ is very vague lyrically, but it’s about a person that lights your mind up, like a light bulb moment or enlightenment — good or bad. For me that person was my year 11 English teacher who held me back after class to tell me that I was going to flop. I almost missed my bus home and I don’t really like walking five hours home. ‘Pyro’ is like my ‘stuff you, I’m gonna be a singer’.

Budjerah’s debut EP is out now via Warner Music Australia. He’ll be playing a string of shows throughout May and June in support of the release — for all dates and ticket details, head here.