‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season Trailer Is Out And You’re Excused To Go Cry In The Bathroom

A whole lot of old favourites are coming back for the ride.

Image of Brooklyn Nine-Nine character Jake about to cry.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has released its trailer for its last series, and we’re already having withdrawals.

It’s been saved once before by fans, but now, it’s time to let go. Let-go day is 13 August (it’s being fast-tracked to SBS OnDemand).

The trailer reveals Charles always had the assumption the team would be in their 90s hunting down criminals in the retirement home and will have to come to terms with it ending. We’ll learn what Jake and Amy are like as parents — as to be expected, a bit… haphazard, Holt will explore the digital phallus portrait, and we’ll catch a whole lot of old favourites, including Gina.

It’s a sad reality when the case has become a family for the audience and cast.

“This workplace is my family, was that not clear? Holt is my dad, you’re my mean older sister, Amy’s my mom,” says Jake in the trailer.

The show had to pause last year during the pandemic, and, in light of the George Floyd murder, start over. Episodes that had already been filmed had to be scratched.

“We’re all in touch and kind of discussing how you make a comedy show about police right now, and if we can find a way of doing that that we all feel morally okay about,” Andy Samberg told PEOPLE magazine in June last year.

Speaking to Deadline, Terry Crews said, “We hope through this we’re going to make something that will be truly groundbreaking this year. We have an opportunity here, and we plan to use it in the best way possible.”

And on 12 August, we will have it.

Watch the trailer below.